Training computers to tease out the subtext behind the text – Purdue News Service

Computer scientists use machine learning to connect real-world events with text on social media and in news articles   

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – It is hard enough for humans to interpret the deeper meaning and context of social media and news articles. Asking computers to do it is a nearly impossible task. Even C-3PO, fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, misses th…….

Donated computers gives school a leg up –


Awapuni School pupil AJ Heihei works on one of the school’s new laptops, which were donated by Powerco.

Pupils at a Palmerston North school have been given a boost to their learning after a donation of computers.

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So … What If Aliens’ Quantum Computers Explain Dark Energy? – WIRED

At present there is no solution to the dark energy problem. Prominent physicists like Ed Witten have called it the greatest embarrassment of theoretical physics. It has forced physicists back to the drawing board—all the way back to the foundations of quantum mechanics and general relativity. And for me and Jaron Lanier, that meant quantum computers.


Hensoldt launches new generation of avionics computers – Trade Arabia

Sensor and avionics solutions provider Hensoldt is launching a family of avionics computers under the ‘Cavion’ brand. It significantly expands the performance of existing computers for mission control on board flying platforms of all kinds. 


“With ‘Cavion’, we have developed a computer design that both makes the power of modern processor architectures availa…….

I would like a playoff with computers deciding, not committee | Virginia Tech Football Board –

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Crush of last-minute applications crashes UC, Cal State computers; deadlines are extended – Yahoo News

Cal State Los Angeles is among the CSU and UC campuses that have extended admission application deadlines after computer portals experienced connectivity issues as submission deadlines approached. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

The University of California and California State University extended their admissions deadlines Tuesday after both systems faced connectivity issues as a crush …….

New Algorithm may Lead to More Efficient, Faster Quantum Computers – AZoQuantum

Quantum computing is taking a new leap forward due to research done in collaboration between University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Turku, and IBM Research Europe-Zurich. The team of researchers have proposed a scheme to reduce the number of calculations needed to read out data stored in the state of a quantum processor. This, in turn, will make quantum computers more efficien…….

The Effects of Computer-Based Simulation Game and Virtual… : CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing – LWW Journals

Havola, Sara RN, MNSc; Haavisto, Elina RN, PhD, Prof; Mäkinen, Henna RN, MNSc; Engblom, Janne DSc, MSc; Koivisto, Jaana-Maija RN, PhD

Author Information

Author Affiliations: Department of Nursing Science (Ms Havola, Dr Haavisto, Mrs Mäkinen, and Dr Koivisto) and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Economics (Dr Engblom), University of Turku, Turku, F…….